Rose petals have now gained immense popularity in application

Not a single wedding is now complete without rose petals, which, along with sweets and money, according to an ancient custom, are sprinkled on the path in front of the bride and groom, so that their whole life would be just as beautiful.

Many girls and women love to take a bath with rose petals so that their skin becomes soft and tender.

To give special pleasure to their beloved, some men shower the bed with petals. No woman will remain indifferent after such a passionate and romantic courtship.

Many men who are going to confess their love lay out a heart of rose petals in front of their girlfriend. Such an exquisite act will leave an unforgettable impression on you.

For your girlfriend's birthday, you can lay out her name from flower petals. It will be a very romantic and elegant gift.

To create a pleasant festive atmosphere, you can decorate the festive table with petals by scattering them between the plates.

A photo session with rose petals will allow you to quickly win the heart of your beloved.

Rose petals are very popular for cosmetic purposes, in the form of masks that rejuvenate the skin and improve its color.

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Delivery of rose petals in Kharkiv

Delivery of petals is carried out only in the city of Kharkiv in accordance with the city taxi rates.